How to publish Notion Sites to Custom Domains?

How to publish Notion Sites to Custom Domains?

Notion is an amazing tool for organizing your thoughts and increasing productivity. But did you know that you can also use it to create beautiful websites?
Notionlayer makes it easy to publish Notion Sites to Custom Domains in just a few simple steps.
Here's how:

First, create a new page in Notion and prepare your content

Create a page in Notion, and start writing your content, or if you need a good starting point, use one of the templates from our Template Gallery.

Grab your page URL

Go back to the page you’d like to publish, click on “Share”, enable “Share to Web” option, and click on “Copy Web Link” button. Now you have the link to your home page!
For more detailed help, visit our documentation at:

Login to Notionlayer and choose "Create Site".

Integrating Notion to Notionlayer is super easy! Just login to Notionlayer with your e-mail address or favourite social media account, then follow the “Create Site” button to go to the site creation page. Enter some basic information about your page including your custom domain, together with the page link you just grabbed from Notion. Now you have created your first site!

Set your domain up!

Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just follow our documentation at
Set your DNS configuration
. If you have questions, use the chat, we will help you ASAP.