Set your DNS configuration

This step requires configuration in your domain provider’s webpage, the terms are always the same but each provider has different management websites. If you don’t feel comfortable changing the settings, or feel you need help, please feel free to contact us using the chat on our website or with email at
In this part, you need to add the domains to which you want to publish your website. Keep in mind that you need to add and separately, if you would like to have both working. You can also contact us for redirecting one to other, saving one from your domains quota.
After you add your website, you will see a small warning about your DNS configuration. This means you need to go to your domain provider’s website and add the mentioned settings to the DNS configuration.
Please choose one of the following links to get more information about how to set-up your domain name:

Root domains: (eg:

Root domains

Subdomains: (eg: