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Notionlayer in a nutshell


What can you build with Notionlayer?

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Landing Pages

Build simple pages, and collect leads with our widgets.
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Get attention with a simple portfolio, or host your resumé.
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Easily to maintain your public documentation.
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…and more!

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How does it work?


1. Prepare Content

Create your Notion Page, write your content and publicly share it. All inside of Notion. Want to see this in detail? Click here to see this page in Notion.
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2. Setup

Register your site in our dashboard, put in your Notion link, prepare your domain configuration.

3. Customisation

Add custom styles, integrate analytics, and customise links, all in our dashboard. Preview mode helps you iterate fast.
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Fast and Visible

SEO and caching handled for you, also with social media information.
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Easily Editable

Content comes from your Notion, no coding needed.
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Custom Domains

No more ugly Notion urls. www redirection included.
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Templates (upcoming!)

Take a look at our template gallery for pre-made templates and inspiration.
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Collect leads, make surveys, and more with our widgets, with no performance penalty.
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You can add your custom code to your pages.
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Use built-in analytics providers (GA, Splitbee, more coming) or use custom code to add your own.
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Free SSL is included with all pages, and no one can use your domain for their content.
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We provider personal, and quick support for all of our customers. Just message or mail us!


Free (No CC)

1 published site
1 domain
50 pages
Notionlayer branding
Image optimisation

Starter ($5/mo)

1 published site
2 custom domains
50 pages
No Notionlayer branding
Image optimisation

Advanced ($10/mo)

3 published sites
2 custom domains per site
500 pages per site
No Notionlayer branding
Image optimisation
Contact us for joining our Showcase and get a free package with custom domain!

All Plans Include

  • Widgets
  • Navigation: Topbars
  • Analytics
  • Styling Customisation
  • Custom Code
  • 10 GB/month bandwidth
  • Fast support and custom development

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my website optimised?
We prepare your website in advance, publish it all around the world, so that it ranks high in page speed and SEO.
Is my website SEO-friendly?
Yes, you can provide SEO information in our dashboard. Sitemap and robots.txt are included by default. For more advanced use-cases please contact us.
Is Notionlayer secure?
Yes, only your notion pages can be exposed under your domain.
How is this different than Notion Sites?
To begin with, you get to use your own domain. Also, instead of a copy of Notion, you get pre-optimised static page, which is great for SEO. Of course, you also get additional functionality on top of Notion.
Can I embed custom code into my website?
Yes, this feature exists in supported packages.
Do you support analytics?
Yes, Google Analytics and Splitbee are included in all packages. If you need other platforms, you can use the custom code feature or simply contact us.